About that...


Oh hello, hi there!

As promised, this starts WITH MY BIRTH! And the fact that I am apparently in love with capital letters.

I have zero problem to share my date of birth. In fact, I don't understand why I should hide it? Do men otherwise believe I don't age? So here's the shocker: I was born in 1984! I know, it's insane! I can't quite believe it myself.

Born as a proper Halloween-Baby in leafy Hannover, a medium-sized city in Germany, I apparently always knew what I wanted. Or better, what I didn't want. According to my family, my first words were 'She doesn't want it'. So I annoyed my older brother with that fun little sentence and kept my parents on their toes. My mum is a teacher-turned-stay-at-home-mum (for which I am extremely grateful) and my dad worked as a nature conservation officer before opening his own consultancy for green energy when he retired (I know, right!?). I have been blessed with a family that supports me unconditionally although they don't always know what I am actually doing over here, in my little London.

Which is the next step in this about-section, otherwise I may as well write my biography right now. Let me skip my time as a teenager actress (nothing fancy just a few TV gigs I sincerely hope nobody ever finds - thank God, this was before YouTube!) and a girl who believed she'd never get a boyfriend because boys were always too intimidated. I'll also skip two incredible years working at the National State Theatre of Lower-Saxony after graduating from school. Hands down, I never learned as much about acting, directing and storytelling than during my intense time there. I also learned how to make coffee.

However, I decided to go to filmschool because you can CONTROL EVERY FRAME. I got accepted into the International Filmschool of Wales - now Newport Filmschool - to study directing and producing. After graduation in 2009 I went on to do my MA in scriptwriting at Goldsmiths, University of London.

I completed my degree in 2011 and whilst sharing a completely unfurnished room with my then-boyfriend because we didn't have any money, the first full-on wave of depression hit me. I tried to deal with it in various ways but had no idea that this would become an ongoing journey. But more on that in the blog.

For the past years I have managed to work consistently in the creative industries in London, L.A. and Germany. As a writer I have found my own voice and share true stories about my dating desasters, my creative obstacle run, the insecurities with my lovely body and my ongoing mission to generally make sense of this whole experience.

If there's one thing I've figured out it's this: Genuine connections with other people really is the holy grail of life. 

...zeee end!