First things first: Who the hell am I and why do I have a website?

That, my dear fellow crazies, is an excellent question! One that I am still trying to find the answer to. Without realising it when I started, I embarked on a journey to connect with people around the world, shining a light on mental health and body issues while building an incredible creative global network. 

As a mental health advocate I don't shy away from sharing my own fun journey of anxiety, ptsd and depression. I know that talking about it is not easy for a lot of us who suffer. 

For over twenty years one of my close childhood friends has been telling me to stop 'oversharing' as it's 'embarrassing'. Believe me I tried. Hard. But if you are on this page now you probably already know it didn't work so well. Because sharing comes natural to me, I feel a sense of duty in expressing what many of us can't. If we don't start talking about mental health, body issues and the pressure our own society places on every single one of us, nothing will ever change. We are all affected by it, directly or indirectly, so I hope, you will join me (and so many other amazing people) on this important quest. It can only be achieved together.

Aside from bombarding the world with my ups and downs, I write-produce film stuff and occasionally get in front of a camera to pretend things (aka act, present, model). Authenticity is key for me in all those areas and as I try to be extremely approachable, I'm happy to give adivce to those who are at the beginning of it all. Together with some other kick-ass female filmmakers, I also run workshops on writing, filmmaking and generally surviving as a creative. Sometimes I even throw a little thing in about visualisation. If you're interested in knowing more, get in touch any time.

When thinking about myself there are two words, which make me cringe a little:

'Plus Size' (because the term itself is utterly flawed) and 'Influencer'.

I am neither. I am Mari.



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